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Aerovac provides Fire dampers, Smoke dampers, Motorized Fire Dampers, Motorized Smoke Dampers, Sound Attenuators, Volume Control Dampers, Spiral Ducts, variable Air volume, Access Doors, Grille, Diffusers and Louvers with the highest standards of testing and fire rating according to the UL standards and AMCA certifications.

Filtraire is the ultimate name in the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) product line. With Air Filters of efficiency up to 99.9% with its flagship HEPA Filters. Filtriaire also has a line of carbon Filters, Fine Filters, Washable Filters and Disposable Filters.

LTI Ventilatoren offers a vast product range which include Axial, Bifurcated, Centrifugal and Mixed Flow fan. With wide experience in ventilation systems, LTI can provide customers with the confidence of the most efficient and economical solution for any ventilation application needs.

Crayflex is the first UL Listed Flexible Duct in the Middle East. Crayflex® UL Flexible Duct is a strong, flexible, and light weight duct which is widely applied in Air Conditioning and Ventilation systems for Commercial, Industrial and Residential applications. Crayflex® is energy efficient, tear and punch resistant, providing low operating costs and easy installation.

Crayfix has a range of products in the pipe hangers and support systems. Crayfix products are used for assemblies, bundling, holding and fixing with both insulated and uninsulated type of products. 

Supaflex Flexible Duct is a strong, flexible, and light weight duct offering a high degree of flexibility allowing it to be easily connected in any desired position. Supaflex® Flexible Duct is ideal of Air Conditioning and Ventilation Systems in Commercial, Residential and Industrial applications. Tested according to the British and Australian Standard.

Crayflange® 4 Bolt Slide on Flange System has great strength and low leakage rates for transverse duct joints. Crayflange® is successfully tested for air leakages by The Building Services Research & Information Association (BSRIA) for compliance to DW/144 J Rated Flange Identification System.

ASPEN has a range of tapes used in the HVAC sector. Aluminum Foil Tape (AFT), Aluminum Foil/Skrim/Kraft Tape (FSK), Aluminum Glass Cloth Tape (AGT), PVC Tape and Foam Tape. ASPEN tapes are tested according to UL723 and ASTM E84.

Craystik are self-adhesive fasteners, which are widely used in Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems for fixing thermal insulation and internal acoustic liner onto the duct surface. Along with the duct insulation adhesive, Craystik Self-Adhesive Grip Nails hold the insulation firmly, not allowing any sagging and thereby preventing any condensation.

Craycoat is the leading name in manufacturing coating, sealants, and adhesives for the HVAC sector. With continuous Research & Development and testing processes, Craycoat is a name synonymous with quality.

Proflex XPE Duct Insulation is ideal for insulating sheet metal ventilation and air conditioning ducts. It offers outstanding thermal insulation properties. Proflex XPE Duct Insulation comes with factory bonded fire-retardant reinforced foil on one side and paper backed self-adhesive surface on the other side.


AFICO has been a leading regional manufacturer of fibreglass insulation products since 1982, utilizing the know-how and technical specifications of Owens Corning under license with DCL and UL certifications.

Flameshield Non-Coated Fire Rated Ductwork, successfully tested at BRE in accordance with the requirements of BS476 part 24 for duct A (Fire Outside) and Duct B (Fire Inside). The ducts does not require any extra coating to make it fire rated. Ducts are suitable for Kitchen Extract, Smoke extract, Staircase and Lobby Pressurization car park Extract.

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